showing error as range class failed

  • Hi all,

    can some one suggest the idea to clear this code for the range of activecell that was selected and lastrow.

  • Thanks for replying...actually code is for already i have a data in sheet of column B by using another userform i will upload that data..Now with this code i want to enter the data in the last used row of the column by using textform from that activecell i have to autofill till lastrow of the column B sir..Now i tried some range i cant find the exact range to get filled from the activecell till lastrow of the column B.

  • ok sir... find the attached file of workbook..In that i have a user form with one text box in that i have to enter the value into the sheet 2 of column A and i have a upload option of file to store in column B to soon...but for now example i have created data in column B.. So whenever i enter the data in lastrow of A i have to autofill the data upto the lastrow of column B.

  • Possibly...

    If I've been helpful, let me know. If I haven't, let me know that too. 

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