i want to create a separate files of branch with all sheet

  • I can get you all the workbooks into a temp folder.

    Hopefully somebody can see what is wrong with my email part,

    as soon as the code runs through the email part, vNum becomes empty and just goes to end sub

    You are one step closer though.

  • Thanks Alot It is working only mail is not work and one more thing can we automate sheet change like if in any file i have sheet more than this 3 than how can automate to change the sheet with loop.

  • It would be best to have the email list in the master workbook.

    I would suggest the code needs to create a temporary workbook and email that.then delete it.

    Repeated for each branch

  • This will create the workbooks with variable number of worksheets.

    Keep the "Rough.xlsm" workbook in a separate folder, then when running the code it will place the new workbooks in that folder.

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