Add some code to this Macro

  • I am trying to add some information to this code and I am a little confuse, maybe someone can help me this time too:

    1. I would like to add a column (in column A) calls "Laboratory" that extracts the information of cell P2 of the "report stampabile"

    2. To add a column (in column B) calls "Evaluation Date" that extracts the infomation of cell I3 from "report stampabile"

    3. To add a column (in column C) calls "Technical Functionary" that extract the informationof cell E18 from "Rilievo 1"

    4. To add a column (in column F) calls "Inspector 2" that extract the information of d14,d24,d34 etc from "report stampabile"

    the file attached is the one that have to be used to extract the data

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    Please read them now and let me know that you have done so.

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