• What royUK means is how it was solved.

    There are more people in this world beside you and someone might have the same problem.

    He/she will start looking for an answer, like you did, and find this site where it says that it has been solved but no code to show that solved it.

    Not very nice is it. I am sure that if that would have been you that it would have been frustrating for you.

    That's what these forums are all about, help each other and share so more people are helped.

  • Jeeez, stumbled across this thread by accident again. Had totally forgotten about it. Must be age.

    But jhas56788, did you forget also? You can't be as old as I am so your memory must still be in peak order.

    In Post #22 you promised to share your much anticipated solution to the problem.

    We're patiently waiting.

  • I have numerous complaints about your posts including cross posting and, like this one, failure to reply to someone who has helped.

    This is a final warning - one more complaint and I will ban you from the Forum.

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