Matching Specific Rows and Copy to specific colums.

  • Hi.

    Im stuck with a very minor error with the following code.

    What i basically want is every OrderNumber in file i.e "Masterfile" ColumnG should get matched with cell of each value in Column Cof file "POD" and for that respective value its Exclusion value in ColumnE (POD filde) should be copied to ColumnL of "Masterfile".

    Example: for OrderNumber "9207116072" in A5 of Masterfile should be macthed with the ordernumber in POD irrespective in which row its found in POD file, after its matched and its found to be in C9 of ColumnC (POD) so its respective exclusion value 2 should be paste in L5 of Masterfile

    The code as the moment is pasting the POD date ColumnD of POD instead of ColumnE of POD i have attached both the files for reference.

    To use exclusion click Upload Exclusions

  • Try:

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