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  • I am looking for a VBA Code to allow me to copy a whole worksheet from a completely different workbook to the current workbook that I will have open and using. Let me see if I can explain what is going on. I will extract data down from a program that I use at work, I will save this to a workbook named “PROG1”, this data will be used to construct worksheets to display the data. The worksheet to copy is on another server, which the path would be “R\: ...”, I will enter this information in. I’m not sure if this can be done, but I would like to know if it is possible. Thank you in advance for any and all help.


  • I do remember doing this from time to time, but never thought of doing it with this workbook. Is it possible to make a VBA Code with a macro to do this for me instead of manual clicks on the ribbon?

  • Thank you for your response, it was very helpful and appreciated. Once I get all the data from the other spreadsheet, I now have 12 columns and about 20000 rows of data. Of which, I need to extract only certain rows out based on certain criteria of what the row contains, such as part number, date of issue, date of sale, etc... any suggestions to move these rows to another worksheet within the same workbook, using VBA, would be appreciated.

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  • I don't believe Auto-fill will work for this. I have many things that need to be looked at. I have attached a SAMPLE workbook. This workbook only has 4 worksheets. The DATA worksheet is what i am pulling from another workbook and provides all the data of which i will use to pull information for reports, and I still haven't got it to pull the data from the other workbook without manually copy and pasting, which I would just like to get that done as the workbook is opening up. I want to extract from that worksheet, but only one month (which would be 1000's of rows, which I have done on the CONFIGURE worksheet. I had problems with the dates because some were date and time based from the DATA worksheet. I want to try and select a range of rows from the DATA worksheet, copy and paste to the CONFIGURE worksheet. The way it is set up now, this will be a huge workbook because everything is formula based in extracting data and getting results, I have had to cut it down and even compressed it to get it attached. If you can wrap your head around with what I trying to do, I believe you can give me some suggestions that will work better. if you need any other information, just ask. Thank you in advance for any suggestions with this.


  • This is what I need done, I am needing to use a command button to go to a worksheet (in the same workbook) and highlight a range of cells, defined from two cells A1 = "A17365" A2 = "ZA30561" ~ copy those cells and paste them on another sheet within the same workbook such as the upperleft cell would be designated by me "A65594" as an example. Can this even be done? My alternative method is not going to work because it will enlarge the workbook and make it too slow to use. I have a DATA worksheet that has 35367 rows/16 columns and I am taking 10000 rows/16 columns and pulling each cell from the worksheet that I have all the data on. This data is only for one month and is extracted from the huge data worksheet. The one month data is only about 5000 rows.

  • What does “className” missing or invalid mean? This message pops up beside the attachment when I try to upload it. The file is under the 16mb limit. Can you help with this issue?

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