Dynamic combobox for excel vba

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have a column in excel which i want to select via Combobox dynamically by searching string in textbox both Ucase and Lcase.

    My Data Example

    Query(column name)

    Installing R

    Vlookup in R

    Pivot in R

    Concatenate in R

    I want to see all the values in the drop down of combobox when textbox is empty.

    when any string is entered in textbox only matching value should appear in the combobox dropdown.

    My Code : In my code when textbox is empty combobox is also empty and it is case sensitive too

    Thanks in advance:)

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  • Welcome to Ozgrid. Please take a few minutes to read the Forum Rules to understand how to use the Forum correctly. You will then see whi I have added Code Tags to your post.

    Where are the ComboBox and TextBox? Are they on a UserForm?

    I think an example workbook would help us answer your question

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