Performing calculation for multiple rows from one sheet on input data on a different worksheet

  • I have a dataset on Worksheet "Results" and the dataset is in cells B8:K900 (Actual data in these cells, rest all cells have other meta information this dataset)

    Each column of this data set refers to a certain variable like B column has Steam flow, C column has Steam temp etc.

    I would like to use these values to plug into a calculator on another sheet, Row by row.

    Eventually I will have results in 2 Cells on another sheet which I would like to bring back to Column L and M

    Code so far:

    Note: Goal Seek and Rerun are 2 macros which I would like run after one row of Scenario is in input, as these will help to get results. Hence I have added them in loop also

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • So:

    Writing code as
    ws1.Range("B" & rng.Row).Copy Destination:=ws2.Range("B6")

    Now it is working. However still not getting result.

    Mainly due to
    1. When the results are being copied from WS3 sheet to WS1, it is actually copying formula instead of actual value
    2. Secondly The loop appears to drop out after first row Any additional assistance will be appreciated

    ANy help would be appreciated

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