Msgbox function not working correctly for checking the net blank row

  • Hi all,

    In the below i have to find the value in sheet based on textbox 2 and i have to enter the textbox 1 value into the next column.. So for that i have to check the cell next cell was blank or not..with this command i cant execute that msg function so can someone suggest the solution...check the highlighted part.

  • You would be much better using the VBA Find Function than a slow Loop. In fact I can't really see why you have a Loop.

    Try this

  • Thanks for ur reply....Actually i need the command textbox 1 will be storing data in next column of the finded row so for that that entering cell was in blank or not that i need to confirm..if value is there i have select other row..i done little bit but it was not not exactly working..

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