Information for chat area

  • With the launch of the new chat section, here are some useful commands and information about the chat in general.

    - Chat feed loads every 3 seconds, so you might see a very small delay between posting and the message appearing. This is deliberate to preserve server processing.

    - Users are automatically marked as "away" after 10 minutes of inactivity

    - There is a maximum message length of 500 characters

    - Messages are automatically archived after 5 minutes

    - Permanent chat rooms can be requested by contacting a forum administrator

    The following commands are available within chat. Where a command requires a username as an argument, double quotes should be used for usernames with spaces.

    - /away sets your status to away

    - /color [name of a colour] changes your username colour in chat

    - /info [username] displays information about that user

    - /whisper [username] [message] sends a message to that user privately

    Have fun!

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