Worsheet_change Multiple uses same sheet

  • Good morning everyone,

    i have the following code but i would like to run this code for two different areas of the worksheet, ive tried different variations of this code but nothing worked so far.

  • wow royuk, i was not being aggressive. you asked me question and i answered you. i can here for help on some code, i did not expect to have my hand slapped and sent to the corner

  • You simply need to define the range using UNion

    'Your data table range
    Set myTableRange = Union(Range("FB2:FD10000"), Range("BI2:BL10000"))

    I will gurantee that you will soon find other issues and that the "databases" will not be user friendly

  • Thank you RoyUk for your help only that code updates both "FF" & "BH" at the same time, i would only like the ranges that are updated to be updated not both at the same time, they would need to be independant.

  • Your ranges for the two"databases" are incorrect.

    Also, in your code you switch off EnableEvents twice, but only restore it once. EnableEvents will not restore itself unless you close the workbook.

    I have completely re-written your code to make it work

  • Thank you RoyUk, it worked like a dream, however i have another question regarding this code. if i want to add another area for adding time added and Updated, is it this area only that i amend

  • You need to extend the Union then add another Case to the Select Case Statement. This will get more complicated because you ranges don't even match formats, the dates are in different columns. Also, as I said you didn't even define the ranges correctly

  • or do you mean like this

  • sorry RoyUK, i understand your code now, many many many thanks for your help on this, i know this is now how you wanted me to do it but it works perfectly. thank you


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