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  • Good morning all

    With thanks to Justin he has added more to my original file that I had envisaged at first.

    What the file is about it is a word finder, some of the words MAY have multiple choices of words available.

    In his code he recognizes a group of letters forming a word, it then colours in the appropriate

    cells and copies the word down to Cell B34 and sorts and counts the number of correct words from the total

    that is listed up in cell B1, which I have listed once all of the are completed.

    On the sheet you will see several coloured cells, as an example the words ( Man, Mankind, Kin, Kind,)

    this type of structure is available in many circumstances.

    What Justin's code only allows us to be able to select the first word of a possible multiple words being selected eg:

    Man, Mankind is now able to be selected.

    Last night Justin recommended that I post the file with an explanation to see if anyone here can come up with

    a solution, He thinks it may some sort of dictionary.

    Finder V1.05jd_PH_Faults.xlsm

    Please text me if any clarifications is needed.



  • Hi Pete,

    I am working on a solution for this that does not involve a dictionary, just uses the list of words already on the page which I should have thought of in the first place. Although it should be simple I have not got the code to work correctly yet.

    Make sure you include the cross posting at excelforum in your question, it prevents people from wasting their time and keeps you in the good books with the moderators:

    Cross Post is at:[xpost]




  • Hi

    I just noticed today that when the code finds a word it transfer that word down to B34,

    On another matter NO Matter what I change cells highlighted in yellow still does not find in both X & Y diections.

    See attached renamed file (Just renamed to keep the original )




    PS should this go over to Exelforum please

  • OK The system will not let me edit my last post

    Something I thought of is to move all the words in the Cell B1 to another

    sheet and Hide that sheet, but still do the removal as each word is found


  • Good afternoon

    Do you have any conclusions as why the cells in the Finder fault file highlighted in yellow will not allow to be selected. ??

    Roger on your last file.


  • Here's a working version! ;)

    You really should not be doing ANY of this via PM. The whole point about a forum is that it's a public database - if important issues are missing, then the record is incomplete. Please keep everything here in this thread. Peter Potholes knows this already - we've been down this road before at the other place.

    If you want to know how it got fixed, see the thread on ExcelForum.

  • Thank you Ali, my fault taking it off line I thought we could put the pertinent updates here and avoid having pages and pages of chit-chat and minor updates to the puzzle.

    I thought I had checked for leading and trailing spaces by retyping in the S in those locations, it must have registered no change when I typed in the S but did register a change to the value when I typed in a different letter (hence other words working but the SAS and SNOOP not).

  • No, nothing should be taken offline (and as Peter knows this already, I am rather cross that he allowed you to do that - he should have known better). Unfortunately, he seems to 'forget' rules and basic forum etiquette when it suits him, despite lots of warnings (both here and at the other place). If he's not careful, he will find himself banned altogether from both this and ExcelForum.

    Ali :)

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  • Jason - you have no idea! Peter, on the other hand, knows very well what I’m on about.

    Ali :)

    Enthusiastic self-taught user of MS Excel who's always learning!
    If anyone has helped you towards solving a problem, then you can thank them by clicking on the like icon bottom right.

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