Lock Cells based on Values in another worksheet

  • Hi all

    I am a beginner to excel VBA and i would like to lock the cell range B28:L70 in a worksheet called Energy & Utilities based on yes or no answer in the cell range O39 in a worksheet called Boundary Questions.

    I would really appreciate any help.:)

  • Place this code in the Boundary Questions worksheet module


    Add Excel VBA Code to a Worksheet Module

    Some code is Event code, and will run automatically when a specific action occurs in the worksheet For example, if you type in a cell, and press the Enter key, the worksheet has been changed. This would trigger the Worksheet_Change event. Worksheet event code is stored on a worksheet module. To add it to your worksheet, do the following:

    • Copy the code that you want to use
    • Select the worksheet in which you want the code to run
    • Right click on the sheet tab and choose View Code, to open the Visual Basic Editor.Where the cursor is flashing, choose Edit -> Paste

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