Pivot Table & VBA assistance needed.

  • I have an issue that is beyond my current knowledge set for VBA coding relating to Pivot Tables and uncertain if it is even possible.

    The attached file has a Data tab, with current month data in the range A1 to V1076, this has been pivoted onto the Risk Score by User tab, what i am trying to do in addition to what is already there is have three more columns after the Total risk Score column that show the total risk score for the user, system and role in the pivot table for the three previous months. I have tried to do a mockup in the first couple of lines

    The previous months data is also in the Data tab but in the range A49999 to V56560

    All coding for the pivot table creation is in the attached file also.

    I have tried using multiple occurrences of the Risk Score column and then filtering so that the column only shows the data for the month concerned, by changing the source data to include all rows in the data tab, but this did not work or i did it incorrectly, but i would appreciate either any assistance to resolve this issue, or if it cannot be resolved alternative solutions,


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