Additional Pivot table help needed

  • I have another issue that is beyond my current knowledge set for VBA coding relating to Pivot Tables.

    The attached file has a Data tab, with current month data in the range A1 to V1076, this has been pivoted onto the Free Format by User tab, what i am trying to do in addition to what is already there is have a column to the right of the Grand Total showing the Total number of journals processed - i.e. the number of lines of data for that user/system/role which can then be used to ascertain what % of that total the number of free format entries made up and shown as the fourth column.

    I have tried to do a mockup in the first couple of lines

    All coding for the pivot table creation is in the attached file also.

    I can achieve the values using formulas, but as they do not move with the table or recalculate as the table is opened then they are not the required solution

    I would appreciate any assistance to resolve this issue.


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