Excel taking ages/not downloading a file

  • Hi,

    I am running a macro which will kick start the macro in multiple files, but whilst doing this it appears to get stuck here at the opening of the file. It says downloading for ever & prior to using this macro to connect & run all this didnt happen. Can anyone provide insight to why this happens & what I should do to stop it/speed it up?

    Kind regards,


  • Sorry, so i have been investigating & I believe this happened when I was trying to open the template file & save with new info.

    So, I have a macro which had been edited & I want to use this across the 40 company codes I have. To reduce the manual work, I wrote the code below to open the template add in new info (company code) and save file. But in doing this, this is where the file seems to become corrupt & the download doesn't work/takes a while. Do you know if there's a reason why I can change the company code & save manually & it works but when i do it through VBA (the below code) it doesn't work?

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