1 click Duties generator for 13 staff every hour

  • Hello all

    i’m new here and i need help please

    i have had a huge problem with my team at work not working together as a team since them came from different teams and duties, so i have been trying to get them to work on 5 inboxes together, so if one inbox is heavy with emails the others just go in and help but it has not been working, and they seem to be accepting to work on a rota basis per hour so 2 guys in each inbox rotating every hour and the others are like floaters, but having to organise a rota everyday is a pain in my busy schedule so i was thinking why not see if i can get a macro to help me with 1 click auto generate duties for the whole day.

    so that macro can help fill in all the shift hours cover lunches and absence or sick staff. So 12 staff between 5 inboxes 7:00-19:00

    what are my options Here and what is the best way to start this off ?

  • Thanks mate

    i appreciation your time, however i am looking for a code to help me select random names of a list to fill in those cells like random selector, taking into account anyone who is off sick or in annual leave

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