Partial Search on String to return Row

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  • Hi,

    That does indeed bring up an error message but seems to do it for any word you enter, even if it has values to return. E.G. I entered front and it returned the error but should instead populate the table and not return an error.


  • This should work

  • Hi,

    Yep that seems to work a lot better.

    Noticed 1 thing though, I am having to go into the data tab to reset the filter each tome, otherwise it only searches on the filtered down data.

    E.G I search Front, data sheet filters down to only show Front. I reset and then search Blood, doesn't find it as only Front is filtered down still.

    How do I reset the data sheet filter to show all data again on reset?

  • I've added code to clear the AutoFilter and made a couple of slight changes to improve the code

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