• Challenging issue: built macro (in Word) to take information from "records" [rows] in an Excel spreadsheet, and fill-in a formatted Word table. One column in the Excel worksheet includes a URL which references an image file (a signature) from a Google Drive. e.g., :

    But ... don't know how to get the image generated by the URL into the Word table. I'd be happy to run a script first on the Excel worksheet, where I invoke the URL and download the image file into a cell on the worksheet (then I could do InlineShapes.Add in Word to pull in the image). But ... I can't seem to find a way to get the image referenced by the URL through a macro. When I record a macro and click on the URL, then try to download and copy ... it generates code to invoke the URL (i.e., Hyperlink.Follow) but generates no code to manage the resulting image document - can't refer to it, download it, etc. How do I solve this problem? Alternatively, I'd be happy simply invoking a macro that goes through each URL and generates / downloads a .jpg file onto a local drive, which I could then reference.

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