Scanning only unique barcodes and counting them in the cell to the right

  • Hello!
    I have been looking for an answer if this is possible, but can't seem to find any information. I would like to have an excel sheet, where I can scan barcodes like this:
    For example, I have three barcodes and three products with each barcode. I scan one in and usually the other one (even if it's the same barcode) will come in a new cell. Is it possible for the same barcodes to not be on different rows but in one cell and it would count automatically in the cell next to it? So excel would identify if it's the same barcode, then not leave it on a new row but just count one extra to the one I already scanned, and if the barcode is new, then it would go on the new row.

  • You can highlight duplicate data and clean it after barcoding and i do not think the facility which you are trying to get is possible at the time of barcoding....

    Asha Kanta Sharma


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