Compare 2 Sheets with 1 million rows and 50 columns and highlights the difference with color

  • i am trying to compare 2 sheets with builk rows and 50 columns and highlights the difference in each column of a rows and if that rows is not present we would highlights that row also and and adding one more column at last if difference we will print yes else no can you please help me Ex 1 million rows are needed

    and 50 columns in both tables

  • What I need is to compare 2sheets in same excel with half million rows(5laks) and with 50colums in both the sheet and colour the cell if different in first sheet and colour if row is not present and I tried comparison code from this website it worked for low rows and for hug data it is hanging and iam new to this can please help me

  • I need to test with 8 different sheets and need to add one more column at end if difference means yes and if no difference means no and can we apply conditional formatting through macro ?

  • I am new to this and my client is asking with one click different in all the sheets as sheet1vsSheet2 and sheet2vs Sheet1 and so on up sheet7 vs sheet 8 and sheet8 vs Sheet7 if its some what slow also it's is ok I need to give to the client not for my using, please help me thanks

  • That code, and probably any other code, will take a long time with your amount of data.

    I'm not sure what you mean by your client, but if someone is employing you to this then you really shouldn't have take the job.

  • I am processing my client data as above given excel and store the value and give to client if it's slow also ok but it shouldn't hange can you please help me regarding it

  • I don't know how long this will take

    Place the code in a Standard module. Change the sheet names to the ones that you use

  • I don't know what you mean. The code compares the cells on two sheets, e.g. if A1 is different on each sheet then A1 on the active sheet is coloured yellow.

  • I've no idea what your code is doing and it's using Find to find cells which will take forever.

    I'm still not sure what you want to do are you comparing cell to cell?

  • First cell from A1 need to found in second sheet if not found we will colour entire row and. If row is found in second sheet we need to compare both the columns for difference if found we need to color the cell which is different in active sheet

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