.bat file not being created in the same directory as the excel file

  • I am working on a project for work, where i need to create a batch file, run the file, then delete it.

    The batch file looks for text files with a set name in the current folder and subfolders and combines them into one text file.

    The batch file is running correctly, but it is running from 1 directory up.

    For example, the excel file with the VBA code is here:

    G:\Dropbox\DT\WORK\Phases - 101-102-103-104-105-106-107-108-109

    But the batch file is being created here:


    Any help would be appreciated...



  • Not sure if it was the correct way of fixing, but i just used the ChDir command at the beginning of the code..

    ChDir Application.ActiveWorkbook.Path & "\"

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