How to convert numbers to words in Excel VBA

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    Hello Everyone

    Good day,

    I'm using below VBA code for last 1 years and today I discovered the small error in VBA code .

    When I write minus -10,000 it shows on "Only Hundred Ten Thousand"

    When I write positive 10,000 it shows on "Only Ten Thousand" works fine

    Can someone please correct my VBA code. You great help will be highly appreciated

    Below example:

    (10,000.99) Only Hundred Ten Thousand & 99/100 Riyals

    10,000.99 Only Ten Thousand & 99/100 Riyals

    (10,000,000.99) Only Hundred Ten Million & 99/100 Riyals

    10,000,000.99 Only Ten Million & 99/100 Riyals

    (10,000,000,000.99) Only Hundred Ten Billion & 99/100 Riyals

    10,000,000,000.99 Only Ten Billion & 99/100 Riyals

    (10,000,000,000,000.90) Only Hundred Ten Trillion & 90/100 Riyals

    10,000,000,000,000.90 Only Ten Trillion & 90/100 Riyals

    Formula =spellbilling


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