Sum of a column and column total showing different results

  • Bit of a strange one this...

    I have a spreadsheet that i import a load of data into sheet 1, this is usually between 750-1250 lines.

    I do various things with the data and have some crosschecking to ensure all data was captured.

    I have a =sum(d:d) in a cell to total up the column, but if i click the column and check the sum of the selected cells in the status bar at the bottom, the answers are different =O

    I have checked to see if any of the numbers are stored as text. I couldn't find any...

    I have changed the formatting from General to Number, no difference...

    I have checked for hidden rows, i can't find any...

    I am now a but stuck on what to check next ||

    Any help would be appreciated..



    TEST MCS_copy2.xlsm

  • Thank you so much Fluff - that was driving me nuts8|

    I'll add a line in my code to ensure all rows have a fixed height, as well as not hidden :)

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