Facing printing issue

  • Hello everyone,

    I've been having some printing issues with some forms I have created. Most of the users who are utilizing the forms are not having issues there are a few though that when they try to print them or view them they are stretching to multiple pages rather then the one its supposed to be set as. I'm trying to figure out why their view is skewed and why its not keeping the printing setups that are currently configured as most others do. We all use the same version and updates to excel. Just wondering how and why it would move checkboxes and move wording and messing w/ printing aspects. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your time.


  • Not an expert by any means, but the first thing I would check is for the people who are having issues, what is the default printer set up on their computer. Most of the time when I've seen printing format problems from computer to computer it has something to do with either default printers or saved page set up things in excel.

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