Fill Cell when date is entered; color is based on checkbox selected

  • Hello All,

    So, I am trying to create an hourly tracker. Every hour, I will enter a value on cells B8:AE17 (this is the range where I would enter my numbers).

    Now, I want to identify these numbers based on their color/fill.

    I also 2 have 2 checkboxes that will identify my type of work. Colors vary depending on the value in checkbox 1 and 2.


    Checkbox1(email) is selected.

    I enter a value on 2:00 AM.

    Because my checkbox1 value is true, I want the cell be colored with green.

    The same will happen to the following cells as long as the checkbox is ticked.

    Same scenario for the 2nd checkbox(messaging). Only that color will be blue, for instance.

    I also want to note, I don't want the previous fill/color changed when I change checkboxes.

    Deleting the value on the cell, will remove fill.

    I have tried different methods to do this, but, its just not easy for me. hays.

    Now, I want to try if this can be done on VBA. Or, if you have a better method, I also appreciate it.

    Thank you!

  • Try this in the sheet code.

    It would be a good idea to remove the conditional formatting from your posted example as it causes confusion.

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