WS Change Event Check-boxes to do "stuff"

  • Hello Everyone,

    I'd like to set up a check box in E23 to:

    1 - add "Action Item" to G24

    2 - Value from G22 is copied to O9

    Redundancy: (If check box is "deselected"

    1 - "Action Item" is removed from G24

    2 - O9 Value is cleared

    This process is repeated for ten "check boxes" and their corresponding areas

    Currently I have a worksheet_SelectionChange handling select & deselect, however, it doesn't call any function.

    I can do this long hand with a change even for each cell, but with my know how I would need to have a separate cell for "Select" and Deselect"

    I'm hoping you'll help me code this the proper way, versus what I would come up with.

    Moch WB is attached, and probably makes better sense than what I've described.

    Thanks for any help.

  • Try the attached file. I have made some modifications. Instead of check box, I have inserted a drop down list in the cells. You can select "x" or a blank. Give it a try.

  • Hey Mumps,

    Thanks for your help, I always appreciated your scripts.

    The transfer works well but I can foresee a couple issues occurring.

    Issues one: If a user selects the "blank" more than once, other action items are deleted.

    Issue two: The copied issue under Action Items need to always be on the same row as the original issue.

    Issue two is my fault for not stating that this is a necessity. That little area that the info is copied to won't be seen by the user and will feed a database.

  • Could you post a revised file that contains some data and then explain in detail what you mean by your two issues referring to specific cells, rows and columns using a few examples from your data?

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  • Mumps,

    I went ahead and targeted an "Action Item" to each drop-down that you input for me.

    Kind of longhand on my part, but there were only 10.

    Hey, while you're here (if you happen to revisit this thread)

    I'm attempting to abc sort and eliminate blanks in multiple columns independently of each other.

    Currently I'm using the following then calling each macro, but with a large data set it could take a few seconds.

    (Note: I'm only posting the first 3 columns for the sake of space; there are more)

    How would you recommend doing this??

  • Hi RoyUK,

    Yes, it is unrelated.

    It was literally my very next task with that same project, but I see that I should have posted a new thread to add value for anyone else who happens to be searching the topic down the road.

    I will re-post

    Man, Mumps and Roy in 1 post, I've gained like half of my VBA knowledge from just you two lol

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