Excel VBA serial communication, RS232, COM, arduino

  • Hello Everybody,

    I would like ask for same help with serial communication. I did build my aruino project and i would like send cell value from excel to arduino with serial communication on COM port.
    I did find few example, but my main problem is the speed. When i send data from excel to arduino on COM port, need around 1-1.5sec do the task which is too long time. I think because before every data send rebuild the connection between arduino and PC.

    Can i ask how can i solve this problem? I would like find jsut something simple code, because i have to send just 1 cell value. I attached the file what i try used.

    Soembody have maybe idea how can i speed up littlebit? If i can reach just 0.5sec communication this can be perfect.

    Thank you.

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