List starters and leavers on separate sheet

  • Hi everyone,

    I would need your help again because I am stuck now. I have a list of employees with their start and end date. On a separate sheet, I want to list all leavers and starters for the next month, based on the company they work with. I have an INDEX formula (with SMALL), but this can only look for all starters and leavers, it cannot separate by company. How could I do that?

    So when I select "NORTH" in cell C1, I want to see only the starters/leavers from company NORTH. If I select "SOUTH" in C1, then of course only the ones from company South.

    I also tried the MATCH function with several criterias connected with *, but that did not work either. Anyone can help? File is attached.

    Thanks so much for your assistance.

  • Hi Roy,

    Autofilter won't work as I need this data as part of a report. I just did not include all the rest of the data here as it is not related to my problem. I need a physical listing of starters and leavers between other data, that I pull from other sheets into one summary sheet.

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