Trying to create macro to copy sheet/transpose to that sheet

  • Currently have a "MASTER" sheet that each row of data updates frequently on. Have a second sheet "FORM" that has the template on it to that I need to transpose each row of data on from "MASTER" into a specific column on "FORM". Ideally the macro will:

    Copy and create sheet "FORM" and then transpose the data into the specified column range for each new row of data. (Each row of data gets a needs a new "FORM" sheet)

    This is what I have so far:

    Sheets("MASTER").Copy After:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)

    ActiveSheet.Name = "FORM"

    Workbooks("Macro.xlsm").Worksheets("MASTER").Range("A1:D1").Copy Workbooks("Macro.xlsm").Worksheets("FORM").Range("B1:B4").PasteSpecial

    Paste:=xlPasteValues,_ Transpose:=True

    I would like to have it loop to the next row on "MASTER" so I do not have to go into the Macro every time to change the range for the new row of data that needs to be transposed on the new "FORM" sheet.

  • Welcome to Ozgrid Forum. Please read the Forum rules to understand how the Forum works and why I have added Code Tags.

    Is the code in the workbook that you are working in?

    It looks like your code is copying the sheet it time it's run.

    Do you mean column not row?

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