Search bar using FILTER formula

  • Hello All,

    Back here again to ask for help.

    So I have sheet1 with a raw data on 2 columns.

    Column B16:B80 is "#" column - it has number from 1 to 65.

    Column C16:C80 is "City" column - contains list of cities.

    Headers are no longer included in that array. I also placed this on a table which is "tblCityListOld".

    I have a ActiveX textbox that will contain the # or City to search. This textbox is linked to E3.

    I also have a search criteria on G3 which is a list (data validation list) of both headers - "#" and "City".

    Results for the search will be displayed on C8:F11.

    Basically, what I initially want is for user to enter either a "#" or "City" on the textbox based on the search criteria.

    Okay, now I tried searching for answers in Google and YT but I didn't found any results that tailored my needs.

    I have found this formula below that almost fit what I need. However, this formula does not work on numbers.

    Do I have any alternative formula I can use to make this search box work?

    Thank you!

    =FILTER(tblCityListOld,ISNUMBER(SEARCH(E3;INDIRECT("tblCityListOld[" & G3 & "]"))),"NO MATCH FOUND")

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