Change Order For Chart Series Collection VBA Code

  • Hi

    I am using the Excel 2013

    I have to change in select data the Specify Order For Series collection in Select Data for Chart

    =SERIES([Series Name],[X Values],[Y Values],[Plot Order])

    I have to change the "Holder" series collection from 5th to 1st move

    I actually did something similar. I put "ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(5).PlotOrder = 1" for the first data series, but it doesn't work that way.

    when i run the vba code "ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(5).PlotOrder = 1", but this go 3rd position the "Holder".

    I don't know, what I am wrong my VBA code... but not working

    We need that the "Holder" series move from 5th to 1st position (Untitled image and VBA code Excel enclosed for your reference)

    Kindly correction the VBA code

    Thanks for Help....

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