ComboBox Value to send text to correct worksheet

  • Hi All,

    Be gentle newbie here! and to VBA

    Im trying to get the combox value to point to a worksheet where the text in the user form can be sent.

    Any help would be greatful

    RowCount = Worksheets("cboxProductType.value").Range("a1").CurrentRegion.Rows.Count

    With Worksheets("cboxProductType.value").Range("a1")

    .Offset(RowCount, 1) = txtProduct.Value

    .Offset(RowCount, 2) = txtDescription.Value

    .Offset(RowCount, 3) = txtPerUnit.Value

    .Offset(RowCount, 6) = txtPrice.Value

    .Offset(RowCount, 7) = cboxSupplier.Value

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