Analysing variation of status through time from different tables - Line chart

  • Hello, I am having a brain freeze issue because I cannot think of a solution to the below - I am sure you guys will come up with something that will be obvious once it's explained to me lol.

    So basically I have different sources of data, all containing the same format (i.e. column names) but each source is an updated version which contain the new status of the item. For example:


    Item0Not Verified01/07/2020
    Item1Not Verified01/07/2020
    Item2Not Verified01/07/2020
    Item3Not Verified01/07/2020
    Item4Not Verified01/07/2020


    Item1Not Verified01/08/2020
    Item3Not Verified01/08/2020
    Item4Not Verified01/08/2020



    I need to somehow get this data together (preferably using data model relationships) and come up with a line chart that would show the number of items per date per status. A bit like the example below:

    If you could explain how to join/relate the data, which fields for the chart (do we need to create helper fields?), etc... I would be very very grateful.

  • Hi all, just wanted to mark this post as finished. I think the only way of achieving what I want is by 'appending' the files - which can be achieved by using Power Query for example.

    Sorry moderators for not finding the way of closing this thread (I honestly can't find how to close it myself)

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