Make ComboBox Searchable

  • Hi, This is my first time posting so hope I am doing this correct. Can anyone help me with this I have a ComboBox with dropdown list with hundreds of PLU numbers which is pulled from a closed workbook, I would like to make the ComboBox searchable so they only have to type the first few numbers to filter the list, once they have chosen the PLU they require it then populates five textboxes with information, at the moment it works fine scrolling through the list but could do with the search to speed things up. Below is the code I have at the moment.

  • Roy,

    Using the Exit event lets me search for the value as I wanted but then it does not populate the textboxes until a mouse click, is there a way around this so they just search for the value and select then the textboxes populate like they did when using the change event.

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