Excel Freebies

  • Hello,

    I went to your Freebies section to see about basic Excel training for a co-worker. However, I am getting an error message when I click the link that either the link is broken or the page no longer exists, or has been moved. I then went to Contact and filled out the form to see if this training is still available, filled out the form, but I see no way to submit my question (no submit button, enter just enters to the next line, etc.).

    Is the training still available?

    How do we submit any Contact communication?

  • Hi VWRSue, please can you provide a link to the page you're trying to access and I can give you some further information. Feel free to DM me if easier.

    Many thanks,


  • If i click on the same link provided in Post #4 ... it takes me to the same 404 page. If I then click on the menu link at top for the FREEBIES page,

    it takes me to the actual page.

    BUT ....none of the hyperlinks are functional. None ...


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