Write the word to closed workbook where the values are matching

  • Dear Team,

    I am having two workbook. Source.xlsm and Destination.xlsx.

    In both the work book I am having customer name, Plant model and plant S.No details.

    Once i press's Write Value button from source workbook, I want it should write "Calibration done" on Destination workbook Sheet 2 column K where my customer name, Plant model and plant S.No matching. And this "Calibration Done "

    For example, If customer name, Plant model and plant S.No is matching on row 13 and K13 is blank then K13 it should print "Calibration done"

    Can any one help me for solve this

    I am attaching my file here for your reference.

  • Give this a try,

  • Dear Dave,

    I done small modification on your code

    If c.Offset(, 9) = "" Then

    I have one doubt.

    I printed the "Calibration done on " & Date on column K.

    If the same data's repeated again on another row. Then that time how this code will work.

    I want to print "Calibration done on " & Date again on newly entered row only.

  • Dear Dave,

    The bellow is my code

    how can i modify the code as per above said conditions

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