How do I make a combobox class and an Optionbutton Class?

  • I need to make it known when a combobox or optionbutton was clicked. This can be in two separate classes. What I have tried is this:

  • That sort of works. What I'm seeing is that the classes are able to give me the name of the control, but it appears to loose the "Hooks" and I have to rerun the hook before I can click on a combobox that is in a cell. I used activex comboboxes mostly just becasue I could set the font to bold. I can't do the with combo form control.

  • I don't have any issues in the sample workbook. I can click multiple combos without any issues.

    Thanks for looking. Perhaps this is happening due to interference from my other code. My workbook is using ado and sql server queries.

  • Yes, it seems to. I could attach my workbook, but I don't want it made public. You wouldn't have the databases but I could make it work with a list page just to show you.

  • I commented out the database calls and the classes did seem not to fail as they did before. Guess I'll try adding back the database calls one step at a time and see what's causing it to fail.

    Appreciate you help and insight!

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