Get Excel Macro to click "yes" in the popup which stop the Macro while it is waiting for the action

  • I am automating some data compilation from reports in the web application of my workplace. The reports are found in different Hubs/Centers which I need to switch from one to the other. I am able to write the Excel Macro to navigate to the webpage to change the Hub/Center but when my code clicks the confirm button of the web application to change Hub there is a popup window activated by the onclick event. The popup requires me to click on its "yes" button manually in order for the macro to continue to the selected Hub/Centre to get the report. What I want is the Macro to do the clicking to fully automate the process.

    The code that I have written is appended below and the part which clicks the web application's confirm button is in RED

    The HTML source code for the confirm button is as below

    <input type="button" style="WIDTH: 110px; HEIGHT: 24px; Background-Color:#1E90FF; Border-Color:white; Color:white; Font-Weight:bold;Font-family:Verdana; Cursor:hand; " alt="Save" id="btnSave" onclick="javascript:Validation()" value="Confirm">

    The full HTML source code is attached as .txt file HTML source code.txt

    If opened with Notepad++ the code is on line number 477

    Thanks in advance for any help or guidance for the solution of the above problem

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