Link a Cell to a Picture??

  • I have no clue if this is possible - and hoping to find out from you experts if it is.

    My goal is to have a designated cell on my "Welcome" page that will be used as a dropbox of sorts for a logo.

    I then have multiple sheets within my document where I would like that same logo to be without having to copy and paste it to each location

    Is there anyway to have a cell linked to a cell where a picture is and show that same picture?

    Example A1 is designation logo area

    cell B1 is somehow linked to Cell A1.

    When A1 doesn't have a logo in it, B1 is blank

    When A1 has a logo in it, B1 automatically shows the logo.

  • You can use the camera tool to create pictures linked to a range. Just be aware that this can slow down VBA code if you are using it and have a lot of pictures.

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  • To insert a picture link to your data, just follow these 3 steps:

    1. Select the cells. Press CTRL+C
    2. Go to a target cell. From the home ribbon select Paste > As picture > Picture link option.
    3. That is all. Your picture link is live. Move it or play with it by changing source cells.


    Jerry M.

  • Hi Jerry - that is not an option I can select. When I copy my picture, and go to the ribbon and click the paste drop down, I only get "use Destination Theme" , "Keep source formatting", and "Picture". I then select the "Paste Special" and when I do that I see the "Paste Link" option but it will not allow me to click on it

  • The Idea would be to insert the picture on a tab called "Welcome" - let's say in cell A15

    Then on other sheets within the document it would autopopulate that image.

    Let's say Sheet2, Sheet3, and Sheet4 in cell A1 would show whatever image was pasted/inserted into cell A15 on the Welcome page.

    Otherwise the user will need to paste the picture multiple times.

    It's not a huge hassle, just something that I feel could make this more user friendly

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