Webscrape Capture HRef Problem

  • Hi There,

    I'm having a lot of trouble trying to get a simple webscrape to work.

    I am using a dynamic URL to search for a product (in this case 'GREENE KING ABBOT ALE') and what I'd like to do is have all the available links (HRef's) that return from the site to appear in column A of sheet called 'Single'

    This code only intermittently works - it did work once, then it hasn't since - i think there are Javascript elements blocking the script from returning ALL urls.

    My browser (Chrome) shows me a particular URL on the page:


    however I can't get this particular link to copy into my sheet.

    Please can you help - spent all day getting this far and I'm running out of ideas ;(;(

    Would be so grateful!! :thumbup::thumbup:

  • Unfortunately the Forum rules do not allow us to answer questions on web scraping

    5c. Web scraping. Ozgrid will not assist you in systematically acquiring data (even in the public domain) from a other peoples websites. We will show you how to do excel/browser automation with generic examples and answer specific questions related to browser automation VBA methods

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