How to embed an excel file in powerpoint using VBA

  • I need to embed excel file as object in powerpoint using vba macros on active slide..

    Can anyone help me.

    I tried below code,but it was creating new ppt and adding file on given location.

    But I need to browse and select the excel file in active slide

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  • Your code is creating a new PPT here

    Set objPPTPres = objAppPPT.Presentations.Add

    Read through this, it might help.

    Export an Excel Chart to PowerPoint

  • This works for me. It might help you adapt your code

  • Not worked, I need to write macro for browse and select the excel file and create as object in existing slide itself.

    For example:

    If i run the macro,

    1) Need to browse and manually choose the location and select the file,

    2) it must create as excel object in my current slide

  • If you asked your question properly in the first instance I would have added browse for file in the code.

    The ppt code was just to show what needed changing in your code.

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