Code to move data

  • This is a tracker workbook which follows samples through a process using their sample ID tag. On the main “Nucomat-Dashboard” tab, the operator has the ability to import incoming sample ID’s in cells D4:D36. The operator can then “load” them to a unit which will process them by clicking the corresponding button(Unit 5, etc.). Once the operator is finished with the samples, we need a way to show that they are done and have been forwarded to one of several other departments(Manual, Herzog, etc.) To do this, they scan the ID’s into cells K4:K36 on the main sheet and then click the corresponding button depending on which department will be receiving the samples.

    I need a code that will find the list of ID’s on “Nucomat-Dashboard” sheet in cells K4:K36 in the “Received” sheet and move them to the “Completed” sheet under the appropriate column depending on which button is pressed on the “Nucomat-Dashboard” sheet. The formatted ID is one column to the right of the ID that will need to be moved.

    Currently, the code copies the list and pastes it in the next available cell under the correct column on the “Completed” sheet however I really need it to move them from the “Received” to “Completed” sheet to prevent the “Received” sheet from having outdated information.

    Then anyone can locate a sample by clicking on the “Sample Finder Magic Machine” button which brings up a user form to fill out. This part works great so I just need a way to move the ID’s from one sheet to the other instead of copy and paste.

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