Border for last row of all page brake

  • Dear team,

    I am converting pdf to all my details which is entered on data sheet. For this i am copy past the values to other sheet and printing required format.

    When i am converting to pdf if the datas are going more than one page for the particular sheet i want to add border (xlMedium) to all the page last row. I am using the following code for that

    when i am using this code, it is updating the boder of the end row of the readings. But i want to update the border for all the pages last row.

    Also i am doing page break using the following code

    Can any one help me how to do this.

    I am attaching my excel sheet and sample pdf copy for your reference.

    Note: The password for convert pdf is "Bmanager"

  • This will add a dark border at each pagebreak

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