InputBox to Choose Array

  • I want to run a Macro in one spreadsheet that allows the user (who is not computer literate) to select an array of assignments from a spreadsheet where they are listed from A1:B27 with names in Col "A" and Assignments in Col "B".

    When I run the code, I get the InputBox, which allows me highlight the range of cells run-time error '424': Object Required

    Dim AssignmentArray As Variant 
    Dim rng As Range 
    Set rng = Application.InputBox(prompt:="Select Assignments from worksheet", Type:=64) 
    AssignmentArray = rng.value 

    I feel like I could debug something that was entered into rng, but since the highlighted cells aren't passed into rng I don't have anything to work through. I believe that I need to specify another object but I don't know what/how.

    Many Thanks

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