Intersection of two curved lines

  • I want to find an intersection between two curved lines. These lines have different values on X-axis but the same values on Y-axis. I attached the values from which the lines are created and also a picture of a plot of these two lines, where the green point is the one Im looking for. I tried some things even from this forum, but nothing seems to work for me.

  • Hello,

    If you have already created your Excel chart, you can always add your trendlines to get your equations ...

    1. y = -0.3876x2 + 1.381x + 8.5477


    2. y = -0.3876x2 + 1.7686x + 7.7603

    This is more a math question rather than an excel question ...

    Your intersection point is to be determined with the value of which solves :

    1.381 x + 8.54.77 = 1.7686 x + 7.7603

    Hope this will help

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