HELP!! need to move entire row from one sheet to another once a specific column is filled

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am new to VBA (trying to teach myself). I have been trying to find help getting a VBA code to accomplish something for me in excel.

    I am looking to move an entire row from one sheet (labeled 'processing') to another sheet (labeled 'closed') automatically, once column K = 'y'.

    I would also like for the row that is moved to automatically delete after it is moved.

    Can anyone please help me write the VBA for this?

  • Do you manually enter the "y" into Column K?

    Is that going to be the only value in the whole of Column K? Nothing higher up or lower down?

    I assume that the "k" will be in the same row that needs to be transferred.

    When you say "entire row", why not just the used cells in that row?

    The reason I say this is to get you used to NOT use entire rows and/or columns as this will bloat your file size when using it with formats etc.

  • Copy and paste this macro into the worksheet code module. Do the following: right click the tab name for your 'processing' sheet and click 'View Code'. Paste the macro into the empty code window that opens up. Close the code window to return to your sheet. Make an entry in column K and press the RETURN key or TAB key.

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