Excel programming

  • Develop a user forms that will solve the following problem.
    1. Initiate weights for TM1, TM2, TM3 and TM4 as 15%, 35%, 25% and 25%. Calculate the final
    mark based on the four test marks provided by the student.
    The application must have:
    A. A button in excel (create a blank workbook) to load the form. When someone clicks on this
    button the form must be displayed with the following information -
    1. Labels for all test marks
    2. Text boxes for all test marks for the user to enter marks
    3. Four buttons – to reset the form, close the form, calculate final marks and to upload
    the mark in excel
    4. A label to display the results on the form.
    Calculation – you must declare all variables needed in the application
    Variables - TM1, TM2, TM3, TM4, FinalMark as double
    Assign – TM1 = 0.15, TM2 = 0.35, TM3 = 0.25, TM4 = 0.25
    Buttons – btnReset, btnCalcFMark, btnUpload, btnClose
    Labels – lblTM1, lblTM2, lblTM3, lblTM4, lblResults
    Textboxes – txtTM1, txtTM2, txtTM3, txtTM4
    Upload button – Will take the final mark displayed in the results label and upload the results to

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