VBA: Scraping HTML and CSS data by XHR.

  • Good morning,

    hello to all those who will help me solve what I describe below about scraping HTML and CSS data to load on my Excel worksheets, which I already do by XHR.

    I want to download the data of each row for each table from https://www.betexplorer.com/so…/ac-milan-parma/MDHtcf5J/

    I need to inspect "Standings" about the box "Overall" to download the data what I need, as shown in the image I have attached above.

    I need also to inspect "Standings" about the boxes "Home" and "Away", always to download the data what I need.

    Therefore I need to download the data by inspecting the box "Form" about the "last 5 played games" shown in the boxes "Overall", "Home" and "Away".

    The problem I encountered is that only by selecting each box I can see the tables with the data I need.

    If I don't select them nothing appears in the HTML code of the inspected page so as to find among CSS what i need to download.

    How can we solve what i'm searching for?

    Many thanks in advance to everyone who will come to my aid.


  • From the Forum Rules



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    5b. No asking for help with homework or college assignments. We will not do it for you. This also applies to the hire Help forum.

    5c. Web scraping. Ozgrid will not assist you in systematically acquiring data (even in the public domain) from a other peoples websites. We will show you how to do excel/browser automation with generic examples and answer specific questions related to browser automation VBA methods

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