FIFO calculation - error in my app-help needed

  • I had made an Excel based FIFO app for use in my Stock market trades. While this template works OK sometimes it seems to ignore some "sell" trades and result is in error. Also sometimes it gives some blank areas in the "Results" sheet.

    How it works: you enter the trade transactions in "Transaction" tab as per structure given and run "FIFOData_v_10May15" macro. it will create buy and sell trades in the FIFO tab based on FIFO logic. You can then use it make yr P and L estimate. It handles both short and long (normal) sales.

    Problem is as follows

    -some areas are left blank and have to be manually filled.

    -Some transactions are ignored and left out of reconciliation. Not sure when this happens.

    -difficult to modify if my requirement changes

    -unitising the cost as the addon s like unit/total brokerage are shown wrong and I have to adjust manually in the extended area.

    The reliance file esp has some vanishing transactions issue.

    Can someone suggest how to improve or rectify? (Though I am not very conversant with VBA I have struggled thru help from experts in this forum and Google and got this working from as basic system given by an expert in this group (his name is Shark)).

    Pl let me know if you need any clarifications

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